June 15, 2007

Keep your Eye on the Donut

The other day during a particularly crowded morning commute, I was trapped in some severe people congestion while trying to climb up the stairs from the subway platform at the Rockefeller Plaza station. You see, for several weeks, one stairway has been closed for repairs so when both an F train and a B or D arrive at the same time it causes a backup at the opposite staircase -my staircase- of impressive proportion. The crowd is thick and tightly packed together as we all try to squeeze up the stairs at the same time. It is a slow and arduous process.

Anyway, as I steadily shuffled my way across the platform towards the foot of the stair - careful not to step or be stepped on - a grizzled old man leaned into me and whispered conspiratorily, "Looks like everyone is rushing for a donut!" Naturally I was alarmed but I maintained my cool. What did he mean? Was this some code or form of corporate-speak that required action on my behalf? He didn't look like the executive type for sure but by the way he stared at me expectantly it was obvious that he was looking for some sort of reaction, affirmation or response - and soon. Thinking quickly, I looked him back in the eye, smiled grimly and nodded. With this simple acknowledgement I hoped to convey this: I understand and agree with you, old man. Clearly I am on your side. However, let us speak no more about this lest we betray our position to our enemies.

This seemed to satisfy him and I was able to merge into the crowd and disappear.

>Posted by Charles at June 15, 2007 09:29 AM


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