June 12, 2007

Four days until 48 Hours

The countdown has begun and this Friday the 48 Hour Film Project kicks off. Jason and I have been steadily moving the pieces into place and preparing as much as we can to start writing, shooting, and editing starting 7PM Friday the 15th.

The film project is the crest of one of my busiest weeks ever. I returned from Vermont on Monday, looked at my schedule and realized I am booked solid far into next week. As we cobble together our film offering I will also be juggling a class that starts this Thursday, band rehearsals for a show next week, a show at the bowery I bought tickets for and my regular drum practice in the East Village. I feel my eyes widen at the mention of it, but actually writing it down here makes it all seem a bit more manageable. Certainly that is a good strategy - organization. Today's tip: get organized.

>Posted by Charles at June 12, 2007 07:30 AM


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