October 31, 2005


King Arthur: Old woman.
Dennis: Man.
King Arthur: Man, sorry. What knight lives in that castle over there?
Dennis: I'm 37.
King Arthur: What?
Dennis: I'm 37. I'm not old.
King Arthur: Well I can't just call you "man".
Dennis: Well you could say "Dennis".
King Arthur: I didn't know you were called Dennis.
Dennis: Well you didn't bother to find out did you?
King Arthur: I did say sorry about the "old woman", but from behind you looked...
Dennis: What I object to is you automatically treat me like an inferior.
King Arthur: Well I am king.
Dennis: Oh, king eh? Very nice. And how'd you get that, eh? By exploiting the workers. By hanging on to outdated imperialist dogma which perpetuates the economic and social differences in our society.

>Posted by Charles at October 31, 2005 04:26 PM

huh? wha...?

Posted by: eric at November 1, 2005 06:28 PM

Does this mean you want us to call you Dennis now, old man? juuuuust kidding.

I thought we were an autonomous collective!

Posted by: mia at November 2, 2005 09:55 AM

I want you all to call me Loretta. I want to have babies.

Posted by: charles at November 2, 2005 09:59 AM

what will you do to the babies once you have them??

Posted by: kalika at November 2, 2005 10:24 AM

Hmmm... I guess I haven't thought that far in advance.

Posted by: charles at November 2, 2005 12:25 PM


Posted by: mia at November 2, 2005 01:14 PM

dearest loretta,
as for the babies, may i suggest something--
perhaps a warm, adorable, babies stew?
add the babies last for maximum succulence.

Posted by: kalika at November 7, 2005 07:00 AM
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