June 07, 2005


I went out to see the Futureheads last night at Webster Hall. Actually, I dragged myself to see them because I really didn't feel much like going and then pretty much everything went wrong along the way.

I got there late - primarily to avoid the opening bands that I really had no interest in seeing. Then when I got to the door I couldn't find my ticket. After searching through my bag for five minutes I decided I must have left it back at my apartment so I went all the way back to Brooklyn to search for it there. Of course, it wasn't so I returned to searching my bag which is where I found it. So I went all the way back to Manhattan and that's when it started to rain.

I arrived in time to see the whole set - and it was good - but my mood had already deteriorated beyond repair. While sulking in the back by the bar I vowed never to see another band at Webster Hall. Something has to take the blame.

>Posted by Charles at June 7, 2005 10:32 PM
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