February 17, 2005

So, tell me...

I was out last night with an old friend - someone I have known since before high school, fell out of touch with and recently reconnected. He was with his new girlfriend and they had recently moved in together. This explained why I had not heard from him for three or four months. She and I exchanged a few pleasantries; introductions and what-have-you. What do you do? Where are you from? Etc. Etc. Eventually she got around to the question I always seem to get... "so, do you have any stories about him?" Ah, yes. Of course, I do. But I'm much more careful now about spilling them all, my dear. And I require not just a little drink to coax them out.

It is funny that this part of our relationship has never really changed at all. All through high school and college I was the one pulled aside and quietly drilled for info. Filling in the details that always sound much better coming from someone else. And despite a 10 year gap when we did not speak, I seem to have picked up the role right where I left off.

It left me thinking about the friends that come in and out of our lives- how things seem to change and how some things never seem to. Some friends and relationships stretch back so far - who knows where they really began; and other, shorter relationships that burned with such an intensity that their brevity belies their importance. All these lives added on to our own and gently shaping our development - how we think, how we act.

I think about my friend and all the things we have gone through together: driver's licenses, college applications, crazy road trips, and long forgotten parties. All those years trying to figure out who the hell we were and where we were going to. Perhaps it is not so unusual to be asked for insights about him. After all, we know each other pretty well by now.

>Posted by Charles at February 17, 2005 10:17 PM
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