October 28, 2004

Who are You?

Why must the Who whore themselves out in such embarrassing television commercials? First it was the Overture from Tommy for Allegra or was it first the use of 'Bargain' for some SUV? Now I can't remember. Then it was 'Happy Jack' for Hummer SUVs of all things. Ugh. Now it's 'I Can See for Miles' for some fucking headlight! A headlight for crissakes. Does everything have to be so literal? I love the Who. I have loved the Who for years and years. I devoured every magazine article and story; every tall tale, myth and rumour; every film and television performance. The Who were even going to be the first live show I would have gone to but they cancelled the appearance (bastards). It PAINS me for this blatant misuse of music to continue. Why?!? Why!?!

HP has a really clever and well produced commercial that uses the Kinks 'Picturebook'. You know, the commercial with all the people passing paper photo frames that turn into photos of the things they pass. It's totally smart and it doesn't degrade the song. It doesn't make me shiver with loathing when it comes on like the Who ones (or the Cadillac 'Rock and Roll' campaign - don't get me started on that one).

I don't want my favorite childhood band sullied. Maybe Pete Townshend needs the money... who knows. He can sell the songs, I guess. Just do it in a smart way.

>Posted by Charles at October 28, 2004 10:31 PM
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